Simply great for your daily needs
Prometheus Oil ― pure and refined sunflower oil produced from highest quality sunflower seeds.
According to world statistics sunflower oil is the largest consumed oil in the entire world amongst others and is the preferable cooking base in most households.

Our sunflower oil ― Prometheus Oil ™ is produced in Ukraine through the processes of pressing and extraction from the highest quality sunflower seeds. The finished substance is filtered, winterized, deodorized and refined for future human consumption.

Prometheus Oil ™ obtains a light, pastel like and almost transparent yellow colour thanks to 100% refinement. 100% vegetarian.
Thanks to close relation to Ukrainian markets, we've established direct connections with a number of producing plants in Ukraine and after close moderation of oil specimens in certified laboratories in Slovakia, we are happy to announce our own trademark called Prometheus Oil ™.
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Prometheus Oil ™ ― pure and refined sunflower oil that's simply great for your daily needs.
High smoke point

High smoke point makes our oil great for all purpose frying and baking.

Mild flavour
Mild flavour of the oil is perfect for salad dressings.
100% vegetarian product.
Light colour
Light transparent like colour suits the purposes of sauce preparation.
Superb quality
Top quality is guaranteed via filtration and control over all production steps.
Convenient sizing
Volumes (1L, 1.8L, 5L) fit the needs needs of all: households & restaurants.
Door delivery
We offer door delivery and self pick-up from Eastern part of Slovakia.
All steps of production of Prometheus Oil ™ are controlled and correspond to international standards.
Prometheus Oil ™ is manufactured in Ukraine, using the highest quality sunflower seeds and is packed using innovative technologies.

At Prometheus we guarantee top quality of produced sunflower oil and professional filtration from supplementary substances, according to international standards: European Norm CEN/TC 307, British Standard BS 684, International Standard Organization ISO/TC 34/SC11, International Food Standards of United Nations.

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Important! As a newcomer to the Food Business Industry, we pay close attention to the market rules and obligation related to Food Products we import directly from the producing plants.
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